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About Me

Justin Giacalone some interesting facts:

I have a degree in Graphic Design.

Sure Helps With Editing Photos!

I am an award winning Ballroom Dance Teacher and former competitor.

I have taught more couples to dance for their wedding day than I can remember. I still enjoy teaching and knowing all those dance moves helps me create some amazing wedding poses.

I was an Army Ranger with a Commendation Medal for Outstanding Service.

Well, I can run really quickly to get the best vantage point and am always on time.

I left my full time job as a Marketing Director to devote all my time to my clients and pursue my passion for photography.  I also still teach ballroom dancing part time.


My photography style is documentary with a mix of artistically styled shots. I like to tell a story while providing some original artistic keepsakes.

 My fiance is from Russia.

Also, an accomplished Ballroom Dancer she often helps me at photography events.